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Latest Comments

Sep 12 12:59 pm
Martin, with a heavy Indian accent, from Microsoft Windows just issued a threat against my family when I told him to remove my number from their database.

Aug 12 12:55 pm
pretends they are trying to send you an e-mail asking for your e-mail address won't respond to texting back, keylogger, beware!

Aug 9 5:35 pm
One call. Left no message

Feb 18 5:52 pm
I had a call from 1-000-000! It showed up as Unavailable but I could see the phone number, and when I said hello, there was a short silence then the person said Goodbye so I hung up.

Mar 2 7:18 pm
Same here...what a bunch of freaks!!!

Jan 12 5:26 pm
Coworker received this today at 1020 PST. Caller identified himself as Scott Masters from IT Brief who has been contracted by Pure Storage. Needed to talk to his IT Manager to let them know about a flash update that is coming -- this is critical. Wouldnt give number as he needed to talk to the manager from a secure line. Indicated he would just have to call our director.

Mar 9 8:33 pm
Heres another one for you ... I wrote this page yesterday.. Today is another day 2-11-2009...I went this afternoon to my place pf employment topick up pay check.. I gave a heads up to my employer that if premier credit might call them, they told tha t they have already called 3 times within 1 hour to find out info on me... I told them not to give them any..They thought that these calls were about my credit info so none was givein..thak goodness. But get this my employer is now threating to fire me if it keeps up..{the calls} I just started this job 3 Months ago,If I loose it then with the economy the way it is then I have nothing. topay my bills with. So Im sitting at home today {day-off} and startingto call the atty generals to start process,For these people to leave me ALONE.

Feb 16 5:26 pm
They are still at it just received a call today same scam

Feb 4 2:00 pm
i've got a call to - 16 03 2011,

Jan 15 12:30 am
I received this call on both my cell phone and land line this morning within a half hour of each other so they have both my numers WTH. I missed the one on my cell phone but as per usual the land line I answered and no one was there and they hung up.

Jan 16 9:27 pm
Must be a new scam called my cell no message blocked the number.

Mar 7 4:06 pm
I want to give you health insurance

Jan 7 12:23 pm
Don't count on it. I have been on the DO NOT CALL list for years, and I still get call like this.

Jan 2 2:34 am
This number called me nine times in a four hour span I didnt recognize the number so didnt answer it the first couple times then I finally answered to see what they wanted they would hang up on me at first then I answered again they asked for me I said I was not available can I take message so they started asking questions about back pain I was w tf and hang up so i called the number back and got a recording about a Wal-Mart or target hundred dollar gift card so definitely scam be careful people

Jan 3 6:33 pm
Dozens of calls everyday from a interesting fellow from the central valley of California. Seems well read. I believe he is a professor at the University of California.

Mar 12 3:18 pm
Identical scenario here except that our caller ID showed 1793433757; it didn't show the Britain prefix 01144 for us.

Jan 10 2:56 pm
Got A call yesterday 2-09-2009 Shannon[Premier Credit} She asked about my student loan {18+ years ago}.She asked me if I had any intentions of paying this loan..I told her yes but I also said that do to my understanding if you are living on disablity payment, that the intereston a exciting student loan would not increase. Shannon told me that someone lied to me...So then she started to harass me by saying you have no intent on paying back this loan. I told her yes..So she continue toget a little louder on the phone. So i told to not raise her voice at me..So she continued.She you leave no choice then to garnish your income..I told her I work a part-time job {7.50-HR.} She said so what we will still get our money.. So I told her then you dont leave me with no choiceThen to quit my job then you dont get nothing...I told her to let me speak to your supervisor...So then Erica answered, I told her that Shannonwas very rude to me, and that people like that should not be harassing me.. So Erica took down so some of my info {maybe I shouldnt have said anything}.I also told her that on that onfo to put down my medical information-she said she did not have to..I told her that my medicine was a necessity not a luxury.. I needed my medcine to servive..medcine aloneis $1400.00 amonth alone..She to put a defurment on my credit cards,I told her that is what pays my medical bills... These people will harassyou everyday if they have to...How can I stop them.. Please any suggestions.

Jan 13 12:29 pm
"Thank you for being a BestBuy customer! It's our customer application day! Please visit for your thank you gift from us!"I am sure it is some sort of SCAM!! Beware!

Feb 5 9:15 am
I know! Its sad isnt it...that these bottom feeders get their call list FROM the very list that is supposed to stop calls like these! Its like welcome to the do not call list...prepare to receive MORE calls now. Ugh.

Jan 9 7:56 am
These idiots call me early in the morning and late at night!Never answer and sometimes I can hear music! I am so tired of them! I tried the whistle thing,  it didn't work, they still called. I'm going to try to get them blocked off my phone.

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